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are living in the world. They do not believe or show that they are doing great or marvelous work in life. In fact, they are contributing a lot to the lives of people and for society's betterment. They do not expect recognition at any point in their life.
KPF is recognizing and rewarding. Making them feel that they are the most useful and productive people on the planet. KPF is adding energy and enthusiasm in such people by recognizing their time and efforts. Gujarat day is nothing but a part of this activity.

ડો. શૈલેષ ઠાકરની પહેલ
ગુજરાત ગૌરવ અસ્મિતા એવોર્ડ 2021
શક્તિશાળી ગુજરાતીઓ
નું સન્માન કરવામાં આવશે
Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat..

. As we all know our state Gujarat is going to celebrate its Foundation Day on 1st May, 2020 To Celebrate This Occasion 60 Renowned Personalities of Gujarat will be Honored with GUJARAT ASMITA GAURAV AWARD.
This award shall be presented by >AIANA (Association of Indians Americans of North America. and Knowledge plus Foundation . The most important objective behind this program is to appreciate talent of Gujarat across the globe.
Criteria identify to select in to the list is a person must have voting right in Election. Janmabhumi or Karma bhumi both are allowed.
Criteria to be selected are

-Benefited Gujarat state.
-Impact in the life of people.
-Career sketch.
-Advantage to society.
-Innovation and creativity in work.

Jury is compiled of Sunil Nayak (USA) , Hemant Shah,( President, NRI) C.K.Patel ( President, Vishwa Gujarati Samaj) Amit Shah ( Canada ) and J.P.Pandey ( Educationist)
All the candidates are going to be awarded from all fields like, sports, music, film, literature, media, education, , medical, business, industry and social reformers.

All The Gujarati’s have created Records their feelings from their respected places due to the ongoing situation of Lockdown. The program is declare on 1st, may, 2021 at Ahmedabad at 5:30 pm. on digital media. Once the situations shall be normal, Actual event will be executed in Gujarat.

Sunil Nayak, Head of AIANA said that Most important things that on the foundation day of Gujarat an event is taking place and we feel so pride here that on the mother land our Guajarati’s are recognized and celebrating foundation day. Deeply honour to note that high level talent is appreciated with most worthy hands in coming time and space.

Most profound management thinker Dr. Shailesh Thaker and Managing Trustee of Knowledge Plus Foundations said that Talent is inbuilt quality of mankind., I come to know that Gujarati’s are most powerful people in the world Highly versatile people shall be recognized and rewarded. Beauty is time bound but talent is time and space free.

This Award has been dedicated with the reason of bringing energy within the people of Gujarat who have been undergoing though time like everybody else in CORONA Times.

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