Serving people is our motto.



KPF believes that competency and intelligence are provided by nature. A human could be short of opportunities, shelter, food, and education. KPF has decided to provide it to street children. A child who has great intelligence and competency inside. A child does not have the resources to stand before society with pride.KPF provides such opportunities to them and makes their life sound.
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Child Adoption

KPF is believing in joint family culture. Unit family is the main pillar of any life. KPF is actively involved in the activity of child adoption.

1) A child is offered to the parent.
2) A Parent is offered to the child.

KPF is offering an adoption process to the world. A parent wants to adopt children for the remaining time of life. KPF stands with them. KPF completes all legal and administrative responsibilities. After that, a child is offered to the parent.
KPF is doing this work vigorously and feels proud to announce that France, the USA, and Africa have adopted children through us.

Guru Drownacharya Award

KPF recognizes 7 people from education. A proud teacher and educationist had contributed throughout life in shaping the lives of others without any motive. KPF is also offering an award to institutions for such great work. An institution provides such services.>


Recognition is a need of human life. It could be a child or an old aged person. KPF has accepted this truth and recognizing class one talent. A powerful talent is admitted in the recognition list only on the grounds of merits. Gujarat day (1st May, 1960) is the day celebrated by KPF. More than 25 people (Padma Shree) are accepted here in the list and awarded.