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KPF aims to giving new meaning to community and relationships. It has been tirelessly working for the betterment of street children and creating livelihoods for prople. We constantly arrange various projects to improve the situation of street children in India.

The principal stand of our projects and activities is to re-create bond between children and parents.

Our Work

Street children adoption

Entering into 58th year and believing in the young power house of motivation. In this year, Dr. Thaker was thinking to create a soulful life. He wanted to meet his soul. He has an habit of going on morning walks at 06:00 hrs daily. Once he saw a woman on the street with four children. He dreamt the boys were dancing, playing, running and loving parents.

He thought to himself, "can I become an object in manifesting these dreams for them? Can I offer them a career? Can I offer them a decent life? Can I become witness where strength meets an opportunity?"

This provoking thought of Dr. Thaker gave birth to the KPD's street children adotpion program. This program has endlessly contributed to many lives.


Highly potential children shall enjoy life at the fullest. People on earth are morally responsible for all the activities. KPF is joining hands for the same and creating a lively atmosphere in the lives oF CHILDREN.

Offering shelter, education, schooling, fees, textbooks, and food. Offering them official education through schooling and the platform to prove their guts in the world. KPF is also occupied in adopting the children and offering parental status to the people in a community.

Creating a lively place and adding value to the life of children is the prime objective of KPF. .